We, the organisers, agree that giving is much better than receiving. However, we want you not only to receive from us at our event, but also to give to those for whom your help means more than anything.

You can donate for the entire duration of the event, but please bring your clothes with you on 28th or 29th of December, if possible.

You can take home Legonate! accessories and vintage clothes of your choice for a donation of 2000 Ft (5 €).

You can donate in two ways:

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Legonate! accessories

As part of the ISH, you can be part of our lovely dancer’s project. The aim of Legonate! is to support NGOs by inspiring people to donate. In exchange for your donation you can choose from their Legonate! accessories made of toy bricks and tiles. On the ISH events there will be earrings, pins and even cufflinks available. 

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Vintage clothing swap

In the spirit of sustainability, we would also like to combine the donation with a charity clothing swap. We all have pieces in our wardrobes that we rarely wear, and although we love them, they are sadly waiting to shine on the dance floor again. We ask you to bring with you up to 5 pieces of clothing that are dance-appropriate and that other dancers would still be happy to wear. In exchange for the clothes you bring, you can choose an earring, pin or cufflink from the currently available Legonate! items. These are made, again in the spirit of sustainability, partly from recycled materials.


The following three organisations will be supported in equal shares with the donations collected from the clothing exchange and the Legonate! products:



MáSzínház [“Otheatre”] is an inclusive theatre in Budapest that works with mentally disabled young people as well as people of regular abilities, educates them and helps them integrate in society notwithstanding their differences.


Tri Dogs

Tri Dogs Association aims to rescue abandoned, mistreated cats and dogs, giving them a second chance by rehabilitation and training, and most importantly by finding them a new caring family.


Utcáról Lakásba! Egyesület

Housing first! – FSHA is aiming to provide a realistic and sustainable way out of homlessness by renovating vacant, run-down municipal apartments with the help of volunteers, as well as the participation of homeless families, who then become the tenants of these apartments.

EN Co-Funded by the EU_PANTONE

Ice Swing Holiday is part of the Swinging Europe Network project, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Ice Swing Holiday is part of the Swinging Europe Network project, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

EN Co-Funded by the EU_PANTONE