We are delaying the registration till 20 July 2019 due to technical reasons. We will continuously be posting the details of the event on our facebook site as well as our webpage in the next 3 weeks. 🙂

Ice Swing Holiday 2017 – Muzikum-0013



By registering for ISH 2018 you agree to the terms and conditions of the registration as well as that of the ISH. You will find the rules on participation  HERE .

Should you not receive a confirmation letter within 5 days of your registration, please write us a message on the following address:

If possible, please register with a partner! You can register without a partner but please keep in mind that, in order to ensure the proper leader-follower ratio, you might be placed on the waiting list.


Payment and cancellation terms and conditions

If you fail to comply with the payment deadlines specified in our email, your registration will be cancelled.

Payment options: via bank transfer. We cannot accept other modes of payment. You will find further details in our registration reply mail.

Passes are negotiable onto a third person, however, should you want to cancel anything from the package provided in your pass, the registration conditions cannot be changed. Leader passes can be obtained only by leaders, follower passes can only be obtained by followers.